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Retirement Planning

A view of the future

In the context of our independent and comprehensive retirement planning we provide answers to various questions such as:


  • How will my income change after reaching retirement?
  • Is it enough to live?

Old-age Anuity

  • Which payment cuts will I face with early retirement?
  • Is a postponement of payments worthwhile?

Pension Fund – Lump-Sum or Anuity?

  • Should I draw my pension money in the form of an anuity or lump-sum?
  • How about the tax burden with the various approaches?
  • Might a mixture of anuity and lump-sum be the best option?

Residential Estate

  • Is it reasonable to reduce the mortgage?
  • What happens with the tax burden in case of amortization?

Partial and Early Retirement

  • How does partial retirement affect my income and fiscal situation?
  • Can I afford early retirement?

Fiscal Optimization

  • How can I reduce the tax burden when drawing my pension money?
  • Which fiscal aspects must I consider when planning my retirement?

Let’s look into the future together – you will see things clearer thanks to our comprehensive and easy to understand retirement planning.