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Pension Fund Analyses and Counselling

Professionally analyzed, understandably explaned

We are happy to analyze your pension fund providing you with the grounds for decision-making and answers to the following questions:

Analysis of the Current Pension Fund Institution

  • How safe is our pensions fund?
  • Do we have the right partner for our company?
  • How well does our contractor perform in comparison to the competition?

Comparison of Performance and Cost

  • What are our partner‘s risk and administration fees?
  • Are there less expensive providers offering the same services?

Pension Plan Counselling

  • Does the current pension plan meet our needs?
  • Is there room for fiscal improvement with our pension fund?
  • Have hierarchy structures been considered in the current pension solution (management, cadre etc.)?
  • How attractive is our pension fund compared to other employers?

Establishing Grounds for Decision-Making

  • Should we ajust our pension plan?
  • Should we switch to another pension fund?
  • What do we have to consider when switching?

Pension fund analysis by clarofinanz gmbh transparent and clear – they provide answers to your questions.