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Duty of Disclosure According to Article 45 of the Revised Insurance Supervision Law

On the basis of the insurance supervision law revised as per 01-01-2006 we are obligated to inform you about various aspects of our company and our activities:

Identity and Address

clarofinanz gmbh, Hübelistrasse 26, 4600 Olten

Who Provides the Insurance Coverage Offered by Us?

They can be provided by various insurance companies. We are unaffiliated and commercially independent brokers and insurance agents respectively being able to basically offer and provide policies from all insurance companies licensed in Switzerland.

With Which Insurance Companies Do We Maintain Contractual Relationships?

We maintain collaboration agreements with all insurance companies that submit offers to you.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for Neglect, Mistakes or False Information?

It goes without saying that we aim at avoiding any mistakes and that the information provided is correct. Should there be damages nonetheless for which we are accountable, claims are to be addressed to clarofinanz gmbh, Hübelistrasse 26, 4600 Olten.

Processing and Handling of Personal Data

Any personal data entrusted to clarofinanz gmbh are treated confidentially in accordance with data protection law. The data are stored electronically or in paper format for the compulsory duration. clarofinanz gmbh is authorized to forward the data tot he extent necessary to fulfill the order, especially to insurance companies and entitled partners.